The Park Rules

All the necessary information to ensure your experience at the park is safe, enjoyable, and respectful of the rules that help us maintain a fun and welcoming environment for everyone.

1. Hours and Ticketing

  1. he Park is open every day from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
  2. The ticket office closes at 6:00 PM.
  3. Attractions close at 6:30 PM, and the pools close at 6:45 PM.

2. Services and Accessories

  1. Access to all attractions is included in the entrance ticket.
  2. Umbrellas with sunbeds and deck chairs can be rented at the Info Point inside the park.
  3. Game equipment, such as balls and ping-pong paddles, is available for a deposit at the Info Point.
  4. Umbrellas on the lawns, gazebos, and picnic tables are available for free, subject to availability.
  5. Lockboxes can be rented at the Info Point, subject to availability. In case of loss of the key or lock, a penalty of €5.00 is applied. Management declines any responsibility for items left in the lockboxes.
  6. Parking is free and not supervised.

3. Behavioral Rules

  1. The entrance ticket must be kept available for inspection by the control staff.
  2. To temporarily leave the park and re-enter on the same day, you must have the appropriate stamp applied at the exit at the ticket office.
  3. It is forbidden to bring the following into the park:
    • Illegal substances and alcohol;
    • Glass bottles;
    • Chairs, sunbeds, and umbrellas;
    • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, or similar vehicles (except strollers and wheelchairs);
    • Barbecues and stoves;
    • Weapons of any kind, glass objects, or items considered dangerous;
    • Megaphones, musical instruments, and Bluetooth speakers;
    • Animals.
  4. Children aged 0 to 12 must be accompanied and constantly supervised by a parent and/or an adult who has full responsibility for them within the park.
  5. Running and playing dangerously is prohibited.
  6. Walking with shoes is prohibited in the areas adjacent to the pools. The use of flip-flops is recommended, passing through the foot baths without climbing over the fences.
  7. Littering outside of the designated recycling containers is prohibited.
  8. Smoking is prohibited throughout the park (including electronic cigarettes), except in designated areas.
  9. Respectful clothing, considerate of the sensitivity of minors, is required.

4. Safety Rules

  1. There are no refrigerators available for storing guests’ food, drinks, or medications. Nothing can be stored in the refrigerators present in the park, which are intended for other uses.
  2. Personal items left at umbrellas without a valid ticket will be removed by staff to allow rightful users to utilize them.
  3. To protect privacy, no name announcements are made.
  4. Purchasing an entry ticket implies the free transfer of the right to use your image to Gestione Piscine Noale s.r.l., in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  5. In some areas of the park, video surveillance systems are active to ensure safety and protect company property. Images are only viewed by public security authorities and authorized personnel.
  6. Management assumes no responsibility for lost or unattended items within the park.
  7. Management declines any responsibility for injuries or damage to people or property caused by improper use of park facilities, attractions, and services, as well as by failure to observe related prescriptions or the Rules.
  8. Management reserves the right to expel, without refund, individuals who, even upon the lifeguards’ report, engage in disruptive behavior or endanger others’ safety and well-being.

5. Rules for Attractions and Pools

  1. Follow the staff’s instructions carefully.
  2. Strictly follow the rules posted at each attraction and observe any restrictions for safety reasons.
  3. Slides are prohibited for those with heart conditions, pregnant women, and those in poor health.
  4. Children can only use slides intended for them. Adults cannot use facilities reserved for children.
  5. Diving in shallow pools is strictly prohibited. Additionally, any type of diving that causes noise or excessive splashing, disturbing park guests, is not allowed.
  6. Enter the water only in good health and after taking a shower.
  7. Appropriate swimwear is mandatory in the pools and on water slides. Clothing not specifically designed as swimwear is not permitted. Park staff are authorized to request visitors to change clothing if it does not comply with these rules.
  8. From Monday to Friday, the indoor pools are accessible according to the swimming class schedule.
  9. Swim caps are only mandatory in indoor pools.
  10. In case of high visitor turnout, significant wait times for attractions and services inside the park may occur.

6. Emergency Prevention and Management

  1. In case of thunderstorms, immediately leave the pools and move away from trees.
  2. In case of strong winds, close umbrellas.
  3. First aid services are available during opening hours. The park is equipped with an automatic defibrillator.
  4. In case of emergency, staff will activate a safety plan. Remain calm and follow instructions carefully.
  5. Attractions may be closed due to adverse weather conditions, temporary malfunctions, or power outages. Such closures do not entitle partial or total ticket refunds.

Management thanks you for your cooperation in respecting these rules, aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of all guests.

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